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Dear friends, students and colleagues,
     As this new year of 2017 begins I want to say “Thank You All” for supporting me during 2016. I don’t believe I would have made it through the 4 surgeries to my left leg, and the more than half dozen hospital stays, without all the loving-kindness that  was shown to me during that very challenging  time. I am slowly mending and learning to walk again.                                            
     Since my recuperation is likely to be a long one, I am making some long overdue changes to my lifestyle. I will no longer be actively seeing clients for Reiki healing sessions or teaching Reiki Healing classes. I expect to  continue doing distance Reiki Healing work  and finding new pathways to explore.
     For your convenience ,I will post a list of local Reiki practitioners on this site as soon as I update my referral list.
    Temporarily I will leave up general information related to Reiki Healing treatments and classes for those visitors seeking introductory information about Reiki. Information on other classes I have taught will be removed from this site as I am able.
     Many Blessings to You in 2017 !!!

Nancy R. Murray, Reiki Master